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International Conference of Strategic Research on Scientific Studies and Education


Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the International Conference of Strategic Research on Scientific Studies and Education (ICoSReSSE). The conference is organized by Vienna University, BAU International Academy of Rome, and Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences. ICoSReSSE is open to all scholars, academicians, researchers, teachers, and students across all education and social sciences.

ICoSReSSE will provide a scientific assembly for all participants all over the world to explore and discuss the different topics. The conference will also provide an opportunity to learn about strategic issues such as trends, the latest statistical methodologies, best practices, statistical design, analysis, and conclusions in education and scientific researches.  

ICoSReSSE aims to bring together researchers, scientists, and experts in universities, companies, institutions, communities, agencies, associations, and societies to provide them a unique platform for sharing worldwide ideas as well as the recent developments about all aspects of topics related to the congress. The conference also provides opportunities for participants to discuss the theoretical methods and practical solutions adopted about innovations and developments in the scientific environment.

Submitted papers in ICoSReSSE will publish in “e-book of abstracts” and "proceedings e-book" with editor and ISBN. The proceedings should be well-written in terms of language use (the language of proceedings can be English or Turkish). Besides the proceedings, the e-book of the ICoSReSSE will be sent to be indexed in Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index.

Meanwhile, if the authors demand send manuscripts will be considered for publication in the international refereed article after the review process. DOI number will be attended to each article published. Besides, if the authors demand send manuscripts will be considered for publication in the international book chapter after the edited process. ISBN will be attended to each book published.

The congress languages are English, Arabic, and/or Turkish.

It is our pleasure to invite you to the ICoSReSSE to share your expertise, experience, and new research results about social science and/or education researches. It is an honor for us to be with you at the conference in which your invaluable contributions will help us to have a fruitful organization.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to meeting all of you in ICoSReSSE.

Kindest regards,
Organization Committee